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Importance of Psychology in Nursing Practice (Essay Sample)




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Even if both courses vary from each other it seems that Psychology is closely connected with nursing practices, in a tremendous way. Before proving the stand connection or difference, it is necessary to understand both fields independently. With reference to Pastorino & Portillo (2012), Psychology is mental and behaviour process in scientific study. Further they explain in details that behaviour is the combination of all human evident conduct and reactions and mental processes in connection to the covert motion of mind (Barker 2007). Nursing as occupation is associated with the assistance of individual mostly patients conduct contributing performance on the way to recovery of their health (Barker, 2007).
Working or operating in the health linked profession give an individual the chance to work with other individuals and the central point is that part of such professions is to support the health and welfare of people. In such a situation, it is important to understand the attitude and manners in which people behaviour, at this point is where Psychology comes in (Walker, Payne, Smith, & Jarrett, 2007). Byrne & Byrne (1992) explained that it form the primary practice of nursing, which involve the function of medical science to the supervision of patient with physical illness. Both psychologists and nurses not only helps people, but also make sure that, they understand the health associated issues of patients and help to change their views and attitude to improve their welfare. There are some situations where nurses are mandated to give basic care to the fellow employees they work with, but the try is to change the thought development in a very affirmative manner (Barker, 2007).
According to Byrne & Byrne (1992) who stated that psychological activities play an important part in development and courses of various illnesses and in the activities involved in recovering from them. Russell(1999, p. 180) emphasized on importance proving that the correct recognition of patient need is significant to the process of helpful nursing care as it describes both the importance and value of the nursing activity. However, the important concern for nurses is relating to focus on the outer symptoms and execution of physical pathology. The concern must also be focused on the patient's reaction and response to illness. In many situations, patients react differently towards the whole process of illness. Byrne & Byrne(1992, p. 29) stated that nurses comes in the system almost immediately as they get caught up in the interpersonal relations with the patient, and in results this makes an environment for the wellbeing of a patient. In these situations, nurses become part of a complex common psychological structure which involves the patient, medical staff and any family of the patient.
Walker, Payne, Smith, & Jarrett (2007) provided very valuable facts proving the value of psychology in the nursing profession. The views that they give were that it is essential to regard that how individual thoughts and desires differ and what is the most excellent thing to do in ensuring these desires are fulfilled. These were the foundations that helped in creating the contact processes in order to advance the therapeutic connection and exertion more successfully in inter-professional and inter-agency situations or points. Consideration can be built on how patients react in changed situations of pain, distress and illness. This helped in improving and meeting their demands in an improved manner. Psychological factors enlighten the health care professionals anything concerning the lifestyles of individuals and how different health-related activities i.e. taking alcohol, dietary change and exercise; can change what is in them. Many theories combined differ in different conduct to predict “health behaviours”, such as (Rosenstock, 1974), (Ajzen, 1991) the health principle model the theory of planned behaviour and period models, as well as the trans-theoretical model, (Prochaska and DiClemente, 1983). However, with this evidence construct they are essential in assisting on prediction of patients' long term acceptance of health behaviours, it is interesting that only some studies have tested the connection of these variables and professional' care of health-linked behaviours. In conclusion, psychology provides a chance for nu...
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