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Reflective LEARN Note on Nursing Communication (Essay Sample)


Development of reflective learn note. consider the following:
what is Reflective LEARN Note ? discuss it in your introduction, following the required apa format.
include the folling inthe body:
Look back
Revise approach
New perspective
include three or more references to support your argument


Reflective LEARN Note
Name Of Student
Affiliated Institution
Name Of Professor
Reflective LEARN Note
In nursing practice, effective communication is an important aspect. Effective communication involves sharing information in a manner that can be easily understood, listening attentively with no judgment, being self-aware, and avoiding all stereotypes associated with various patients. It involves both verbal and non-verbal cues. Communication between nurses and older adults mostly seems complicated due to the difference in generations. Healthcare providers must understand their patients to promote effective communication (Sibiya, 2018). In health care settings, to establish effective nurse-patient relationships, understand their needs, and support their general health, communication is essential. Therefore, the search conducted in this assignment reflects on a personal experience of communication with an older adult.
Look back
In my nursing practice as a student nurse, I once had an experience communicating with older adults. In this scenario, I had a 56-year-old patient admitted with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). She was one of my mentor's patients, to whom I had been assigned to coordinate and oversee her care under supervision. In this experience, I was expected to offer the highest standard of respect for the patient, and after conducting an assessment, I was expected to give feedback during my handover. This scenario provided a great learning experience for me and excellent professional development.
The patient had a problem focusing on one activity each time, and in most cases, did not like to take her medication. However, the patient was constantly talking, and while I would go to administer medication, she would always tell me about experiences she has had in her life. In the beginning, this was somehow difficult for me because I felt it was consuming too much of my time, and I needed to attend to other patients as well. There was never an opportunity for me to talk throughout the talking

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