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A Description Of The Role Of Nurses In The Healthcare System (Essay Sample)


To describe the role of Nurses the healthcare system


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Nurses play a critical role in providing quality care to patients in a healthcare system. Nurses are directly involved in all areas of healthcare delivery to patients, and their role is designed to be ‘a constant' throughout the patient experience.
Patient care remains the primary role of every nurse in a healthcare system. The nurse takes full responsibility for the patient from admission until discharge providing appropriate assistance to the patient and the multidisciplinary care team. Nurses assess to determine the needs of the patient, help doctors create a good plan of treatment, and they administer medications to the patients (Cherry and Jacob, 2016). Therefore, nurses provide all the care that is required by the patient in the healthcare delivery system.
Nurses play a more significant role in healthcare improvement through patient education. Every healthcare institution recognizes the role of health education in reducing costs and the number of readmissions to hospitals. The nurses help patients to make healthy choices, educate the significant others on how to handle patients at home and provide discharge instructions to be followed by the p

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