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Sepsis (Essay Sample)

Professional Paper Rough Draft Instructions RNSG 2138 essay on sepsis Using your outline, begin putting down ideas you have for your paper. Provide support for the elements listed on the outline. Strive for at least three sentences per paragraph. Include references from the course materials. Complete sentences and correct spelling and grammar are expected. You may use a word processing program, Grammarly or other programs/tools to help you with these issues. Try to follow the APA guidelines here so that they are in place for your final submission. For this sample the student provided me with the sample draft and I had to write the essay on SEpsis. source..
Sepsis Name Institutional Affiliation Date Sepsis is a medical condition that arises when infection by bacteria cause the body immune system to respond overwhelming. Bacteria enters the body through a pathway of opportunity and spreads throughout the body. The bacteria release toxins into the body causing blood poisoning or bacteraemia. In defence, the body reacts by releasing large amounts of chemicals triggering widespread inflammation. The inflammation in turn lead to blood clots and damaged blood vessels hence affecting blood flow. In severe cases where the condition is not contained the patient, one or more organs fail. The patients at this point is characterized by, a ow blood pressure and weakening of the heart and consequently the patients spirals towards septic shock. At worst, death may result. Sepsis is an infection that can affect anyone. Still there are factors that predisposes someone to the risk of contracting it. Patients suffering from infections such as Pneumonia and Urinary tract infection (UTI) are at a greater risk. Pneumonia is caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. When medication of pneumonia is ineffective, the infection causes widespread inflammation and sepsis. UTI on the other hand is known to spread to kidneys and progress to a secondary disease called urosepsis and mainly appears in older adults. Other infection that can escalate to sepsis include; gastrointestinal infection, peritonitis. Skin infections also turn to sepsis. Though Sepsis affect people of all ages, the very young and the very old are at a higher risk of developing sepsis. According to a 2006 research, people aged 65 years and above make up of 12% in US and as share of sepsis cases, the group claims a 65% (Martin, Mannino & Moss, 2006). Diagnosing of Sepsis is difficult and several test need to be carried out to identify the underlying infection. Sample of blood are taken and tested for; evidence of infection, clotting problems, impaired oxygen availability, abnormal liver and electrolyte imbalance. If the result test positive for infection, the laboratory test is performed again to identify the specific type of bacteria responsible for the infection. To pinpoint wounds in the body the doctor may order x-ray to visualize the lungs, computerized tomography (CT) scan for pancreases and bowel. Ultrasound may also be recommended to for real-time images of gallbladder or ovaries. Early treatment after diagnosis is necessary. The doctor commences immediate treatment of the infection. The medications for sepsis include; antibiotics and vasopressors. Other medication may include; doses of corticosteroids or medications to maintain blood pressure among others. Drugs that alter the immune system are also prescribed with alongside painkillers and sedatives. Unresponsive treatment or lack of effective interventions to the bacterial invasion causes the development of septic shock syndrome and multi organ failure. Appropriate teaching and patient educat...
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