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Short Staffing in Nursing Practice Health, Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


Summarize a professional nursing practice issue - short staffing


Short Staffing in Nursing Practice
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Short staffing in nursing practice
Short staffing is an instance that is common in most healthcare. The instance occurs when there is an excess number of admitted patients who surpass the number of nurses in healthcare. Large patient volumes cause nurses to experience burnout at their workplace because they are always busy dealing with patient issues. The short-staffed shifts cause nurses to have a vast patient load, making some nurses take less time to patient, hence offering weak care. The leaders of healthcare should understand the consequences of short staffing so that they can deal with them. One consequence of short staffing is that nurses have a short time, and thus they do not take their time to give quality care to the patients. In an instance like this, they make many medical errors as they are rushed to attend to the patients in most situations. It is exhausting to deal with a significant number of individuals. The best solution to this issue is that health care should offer proper medical staffing with professional nurses who can provide quality care if there is a patient load in the healthcare.
Evidence-based resources
The first evidence resource gives an overview of how nurses say about the issue and how it is alarming on patient care. It suggests how a large number of nurses get compromised by understaffing. They are few in healthcare, and they are supposed to perform different types of activities. The nurses respond that they cannot provide the quality care needed as it is not possible. They spend a short time per patient; hence it is hard to offer quality care to the patients who need them. Some of them feel they are obliged to their work and stay up to late hours to perform their job. Others get fatigued, and hence they cannot handle a complex patient issue; therefore, they leave them with their problems. Most of them report on how they cannot give quality care daily (Ely, 2019).

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