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Surrogate Mothers: Superheroines or Moneymakers (Essay Sample)


The task was about justifying whether surrogate mothers are superheroines or money MAkers and I justified that they are superheroines .This is because they understand the joy of having children but empathize with others who have faced challenges on their way to parenthood. They are willing to help by providing a safe and healthy environment for children to grow in until they are ready to join their designated parents. Falsey et al.(2022) note that most women considering surrogacy are either adopted as children or had close family members who were adopted. Most of these women sEe HAVING a baby for a childless couple as a means to express gratitude for their life in their adoptive family.


Surrogate Mothers: Superheroines or Moneymakers?
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Surrogate Mothers: Superheroines or Moneymakers?
Surrogacy is employment since the surrogate mother must exert physical effort in return for monetary compensation. A surrogate mother donates her womb and other reproductive organs to have a child for someone else. The process may need a lot of physical effort, such as taking certain medications and caring for the developing baby. Physical stressors, such as stomach irritation and pain may emerge from a surrogate mother's usage of ovarian stimulants. According to Nilsson et al. (2018), hiding pregnancies, labor pains, and other physical challenges may be challenging for many women.  Even though surrogacy often involves women from lower socioeconomic levels, making the procedure a form of money-making opportunity, There is always a unique bond between the mother and the child and a show of selfleness by the surrogate.
A unique kind of bond is developed between several partners throughout the surrogacy procedure. Rebirthing is akin to being able to fly. Surrogate mothers, for example, build intimate ties with the foster parents they serve. Women often believe that the child they are carrying has their blood, despite genetic differences, deepening and prolonging their relationships. Others may build long-term ties with the employing spouses by attending significant events such as their children's birthdays. Surrogacy is more than a contract since the employing spouse and the surrogate mother develop trust over time.
Being a surrogate is a selfless deed. Although surrogates are compensated for their time, this is not the primary reason they choose to be surrogates. Women choose to be surrogates for various reasons, including a desire to help, compassion for the families, and the fact that surrogacy and infertility have touched them in some way. Throughout the surrogacy procedure, the surrogate mother's health is jeopardized. Gestational surrogacy is employed when an intended mother's eggs are taken, fertilized in a laboratory with the intended father's sperm, and then transferred to the womb of a surrogate mother for development. A woman who sacrifices her body to bear a baby for another person may face abdominal pain, anesthesia, and other medical complications associated with embryo transfer. During the pregnancy, the surrogate is placed under care to protect her and the baby. Another issue with surrogacy is stigma since the woman carrying the fetus must overcome cultural prejudice, including the assumption that she is a prostitute. Surrogacy
However, surrogacy often involves women from lower socioeconomic levels, making the procedure a form of money-making opportunity. Worldwide, surrogate mothers are in high demand owing to the vast population of persons with low socioeconomic ranks. Most surrogate mothers have previously or still work in low-wage jobs such as sewing, cleaning, farming, and retail. Most women opting for surrogacy did not have a high school diploma. Besides, surrogate mothers' husbands are often paid $60 per hour in the information technology field, increasing their total family income to about $60(Atkinson et al., 2021). Commercial gestational surrogacy is a common choice for people seeking to generate money while improving their lifestyles. As a result, surrogacy becomes a job since the surrogate women who participate in the contracts come from low-income families and work in informal professions.
In summary, most

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