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Tests And Evaluation Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Discuss elements of a test following a grading rubric


Medicine and Health
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Test alignment
The purpose of assessment is to reveal the extent to which the objectives have been attained or are being attained. For this reason, it is necessary to align the objectives and instructional strategies for them to reinforce each other. If there is no close alignment, student motivation and learning can be hindered and thus the learning objectives will not be effectively realized when conducting an assessment (Polikoff & Porter, 2014).
In setting up an aligned system, the desired outcomes of teaching in terms not only of topic content but in the level of understanding students to achieve are tested and specified (Biggs, 2003). Test alignment follows four steps:
i Defining the intended learning outcomes (ILOs);
ii. Choosing teaching/learning activities likely to lead to the ILOs;
iii. Assessing students' actual learning outcomes to see how well they match what was intended;
iv. Arriving at a final grade.
Defining the intended learning outcomes (ILOs
* To understand the new assessment methods that have been developed.
* To explain why assessment varies across sites and training programs.
* Discuss the differences between validity and reliability as measures of performance.
* Outline the relationship between feasibility and acceptability in assessment in medical education
* Explain different classifications of simulations in the assessment.
* Discuss how issues in simulation can be addressed.

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