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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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The Role of Nurses in the Healthcare System (Essay Sample)

the paper required learners to highlight The Role of Nurses in the Healthcare System. according to the instructions, nurses play a significant role in the healthcare industry. however, there are specific roles that they play in ensuring the success of other healthcare practitioners since they are the primary caregivers. consequently, the papers sums up nurses' role in the healthcare system by summarizing their core duties. source..
The Role of Nurses in the Healthcare System Name of Student Institutional Affiliation Course Instructor Date The Role of Nurses in the Healthcare System Nurses are in charge of important things in the healthcare system such as the building of equilibrium between reduced cost and efficiency, encouraging wellbeing, and minimizing the occurrence of medical errors. In theory, nurses play the most essential function in the healthcare system. Nurses are the ones who interact with patients one on one on a daily basis. They are also in control of the administration of the efficiency and quality of the provided care. Subsequently, the adult population in the United States considers nursing as one of the most authentic and moral professions in the country, leading to several individuals trusting nurses with health-related care and information in most cases. However, nurses have little impact when it comes to the health care reforms and the implementation of the health IT systems (Bryant-Lukosius, et al., 2016). Irrespective of nurses’ ability to show leadership and properly execute medical judgment, they are not listened to when they propose changes to the healthcare system processes despite serving as its foundation. A workaround is considered as an unfavorable or contentious procedure that is initiated with an intention to modify or regulate a workflow problem that is inhibiting a certain defined goal within a short time. It includes behaviors such as deviation, hurriedly solving problems, shortcuts, disappointments in some processes, improvisation, and violations (Buchan, et al., 2015). These kinds of situations are likely to cause worse conditions although they are necessary for the process of navigating or responding to the delivery of a complex patient care. Increasing the number of nurses working on each floor is a ...
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