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Tobacco: Uses, Health Effects, and Cessation Plan (Essay Sample)


this paper maily need one to state how the use of tobacco has been that is interms of the population
it also entailed the causes of tobacco nd how young people can avoid the use of tobacco.
Tobacco use is a global public health issue, affecting populations across various age groups, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
some of the health effcts are:Tobacco use is a leading cause of preventable diseases, including cancer (lung, oral, and others), cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and reproductive complications.
Smoking tobacco increases the risk of developing chronic conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and increases the severity of asthma symptoms.
Secondhand smoke exposure can also have detrimental health effects on non-smokers, increasing their risk of respiratory illnesses and cardiovascular problemsBy implementing a comprehensive approach that combines public awareness, strong policies, accessible cessation services, prevention programs, and support for vulnerable populations, it is possible to reduce tobacco use and mitigate its adverse health effects on a population-wide level.
lastly thisis what was needed on how to cub the use of tobacco


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With time the prevalence of the use of tobacco has decreased due to increased awareness creation. However, regardless of the reduction in rate, its use is still regarded as one of the major preventable causes of numerous health problems such as respiratory illnesses, cancers as well as premature deaths worldwide. The use of tobacco leads to both mental and physical health problems. Tobacco smoke contains carcinogens and other toxic substances such as Lead that harm the respiratory tract directly. Most smokers are aware and admit that smoking is dangerous to them. some smokers actually state that smoking is not something they enjoy doing, but they still smoke in order to satisfy their smoking urge. The use of tobacco greatly affects both the active smokers and the passive smokers (Azmi et al., 2021). In this paper, the health promotion will be discussed, as well as tobacco cessation plan with regard to young adults’ population. The paper will also explain the pattern of use, prevalence, cessation and its benefits, pharmacological and social factors of maintaining healthy behavior, interventions, as well as goals at individual and population level.
The population affected
Despite the fact that tobacco use varies by factors such as sociodemographic factors and geographic among other factors, it is still prevalent amongst young adults and adolescents globally. Recently, the prevalence of tobacco use has been found to be 25.2%, whereby the rate is considerably higher in males compared to females. In the United

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