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Understanding Taylor’s Health Psychology, 10th ed. (2018) (Essay Sample)


Writing Assignment: You will research one article from the professional journal Health Psychology or a scientific related journal. You will need to summarize the article while identifying and explaining relevant conceptual material (theories, concepts) from our course and how the article contents relate to course concepts. Must be approximately 5-10 pages (not including title page) and formatted in APA style.


Understanding Taylor’s Health Psychology, 10th ed. (2018)
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Health psychology has evolved to give a wide knowledge of key concepts and theories. Taylor Shelley in ‘Health Psychology, 10th ed. (2018)’ gives comprehensive research and application of such concepts. The research is done in three main parts; An introduction to health psychology which covers what health psychology entails and the body system, health behaviors and primary prevention, and stress and coping. The book has incorporated a wide perspective of health psychology incorporating materials from the different fields of psychology. This paper, therefore, analyses the coverage of the article as well as the application of health psychology concepts and theories.
In general, health psychology deals with how psychology affects people’s health, what makes people get ill and how people react when they get ill. When the mind and the body interact, the relationship brings out different results for different people. This has been a concern to researchers since the biomedical model of illness treats the two as separate. 

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