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Wellness Approach (Essay Sample)


Define a wellness approach.


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(October, 17, 2012)
Wellness Approach
Health is a vital aspect in life, it contributes a lot in the productivity of the individual and hence the best methods should be used to assure it. Many will look for numerous methods some of which include contemporary medicine and the wellness approach. This paper critically analyses the wellness approach with a focus on the aged care; in addition, it identifies the activities of daily living (ADL) across the lifespan 15-99; and does an assessment on the strategies and principle of health in achieving a healthy life.
The wellness is the principle focuses on the application of natural methods that avoids contemporary drugs to bring back and maintain an individual’s health. Health cannot be achieved through handling crisis; it is a continuous process that starts with taking care of every aspect. Indeed, it is a comprehensive plan that starts at early age in life and when it is done well it guarantees a good foundation at old age. Individuals are therefore encouraged to always watch what they take in their bodies as food as it contributes to their health. Eating a balanced diet is a major basis for the wellness principle; this is coupled with adequate physical exercises to maintain physical health (Wellman, et al. 2007).
For the aged, they should maintain an active lifestyle that assures active living such as a daily routine. They should not strain themselves beyond limits and should include light practices such as an afternoon walk. Involving themselves and participating in group activities also contribute ti the wellness approach as they feel loved and wanted by the community. Indeed, they will be able to pass their wisdom acquired over time when they participate in social gatherings. They should join groups or communities that they enjoy and are comfortable with to ensure they participate fully (Davies, 2010).). Though they may be eating well and having physical exercises, a relaxed mind is vital in the wellness approach; this can be guaranteed if they have a secure future in terms of finances....
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