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Andrew Johnson - The First Usa Senator That Identified With Proslavery (Essay Sample)



Andrew Johnson Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson was born in Raleigh in North Carolina to parents that were illiterate. Johnson lacked a good understanding of reading and writing basics until he met his wife. The wife taught him reading and English (Kaufhold, 2013). At the age of 14, Johnson together with his elder brother, William, were apprenticed to a local tailor. In the year 1826, Johnson started a tailor shop where he met his wife who later taught him how to read and write. By the year 1834, Johnson, who was a Democrat, served as a town mayor. Johnson was not a proud man, which explains why most people loved him. The favor he had gathered with the people made the tailor rise fast in the political ranks (Kaufhold, 2013). During the outbreak of the civil war in the year 1861, Johnson became the first senator in the United States that identified with proslavery. However, Johnson became a war democrat and often disagreed with his Democratic party over the secession of America. Further, Tennessee left the union and Johnson became the only senator in the South to remain under the Senate of the United States. People from the Southern region viewed him as a traitor while those in the North considered him a hero. Johnson believed that he would preserve the union but lacked the belief of slave emancipation during the start of the civil war (President Andrew Johnson's provision for the provisional government of South Carolina, 2017). Moreover, the leader asked Abraham Lincoln to remove Tennessee from the slave emancipation proclamation. With time, Johnson agreed with the emancipation of slavery. However, he decided since he thought it would be a weapon that he would use against the people from the south. Johnson became a vice president in the year 1865 and delivered an inaugural address. After the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Johnson became the president of America (Lincoln, 2017). The governments helped in creating black codes that assist in oppressing and controlling the people that had initially received their freedom. Johnson advocated for the Civi...
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