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The Battle of New Orleans: The Opening of a New Era for America (Essay Sample)


for this one, i had to dig into American history to demonstrate How the battle of Orleans ushered in a new era for America


The Battle of New Orleans: The Opening of a New Era for America
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The Battle of New Orleans: The Opening of a New Era for America
The United States has long been in conflict with Great Britain. Great Britain has a long history of forced imperialism that it also exercised in America. As a part of a series of tensions in the past, an open confrontation between two nations started in 1812. It escalated into a war that concluded on the strong response from the US troops to the British invasion in 2015 that is termed as the War of New Orleans. America registered a landslide victory in the battle despite being much humbler in armed strength and the number of soldiers in its troops as compared to the British Army (Hulver, 2018). The event not only concluded the war of 2012 but is also seen as a seminal beginning of a new era for the Americans.
The history of relations between America and Great Britain was stained with controversies over several issues, mainly including unlawful seizing of American sailors by the British and disputed areas. The tensions escalated in 2012 into a fully-fledged war as the armies of both countries engaged in an active exchange of fires and shells. After the lapse of two years of indecisive confrontation, both the nations began to show the signs of becoming war-weary and seeking a halfway approach (Hulver, 2018). America and Britain were not only sick and tired of the battle but also the resources that the battle used up were a great concern for each of the nations (Hulver, 2018). They both had their men killed or injured in masses. Alongside, the longstanding battle caused waste of artilleries and weapons on large scale, which was also on the watch-out of both the countries.
Besides, applying a give-and-take policy, both the nations signed a peace treaty in 2014. With signs put on, the war supposedly ended. However, that was not the case as the news about the treaty did not spread fast. Eventually, in the year 2015, the British forces, under the leadership of General Pakenham, decided to go all out to invade key American territories(Hulver, 2018). This implies that the peace treaty between the two nations was reached under a strong sense of indecisiveness of the battle. They agreed to disengage in the mutual interest.
When the British forces arrived in New Orleans, an American territory, the American troops were all set to launch a befitting retaliation under the command of Major General Andrew Jackson (Hulver, 2018). The exchange of fires between both the troops continued for a long time before the American army finally dominated the ground and the British forces withdrew (Hulver, 2018). It was a decisive victory that put an ultimate end to the battle of 2012.
Even though there was a peace treaty in place before the battle began, it was seen as a blessing in disguise for America for several goods reasons. In 2014, the battle of 2012 ended as a draw after officials from both nations agreed to the terms of the cease-fire, and it was a positive sign.
Moreover, if Great Britain had not attempted to invade Orleans in 2015, it could not have achieved the moral and psychological edge over its arch-rival that the aftermath of the battle of New Orleans earned it. It showed to the British troops that the Americans had the strength to defend their territories (Hulver, 2018). In this way, it shook the British confidence in its ability to dominate which would keep it cautious in the future about any invasion instincts.
At the same time, the event brought long-term stability to the region. Despite conflicts in both nations, the British had clearly shown more aggressions at frequent intervals (Joiner, 2015). Therefore, the fear of war constantly loomed over the region in the face of the tensions between both countries.
It was essential for both countries to understand their strengths and constraints so they might draw their boundaries. While seen from that perspective, the battle of 2015 was a bitter pill to swallow but would ensure lasting relief. If the battle had ended on a peace treaty, there were chances that the tensions reappear in the future and morph into a battle. A decisive confrontation was essential to learn a lesson.
Repulsion of the British soldiers as a result of a sweeping defeat held a strong message for th

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