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Chamberlain and Churchill (Essay Sample)


Answer in essay form, 500 word minimum:
 Why did Chamberlain enter into the Munich Agreement?
 Why did Churchill oppose the agreement?
Essay should be divided up into at least five paragraphs.  That is, an introduction, then minimum of three
paragraphs that describe historic figures or events in order to support your answer, and a conclusion where
you wrap things up and include your personal opinion (if you choose . . . opinion is not always required).
Points will be taken if you just submit one long 500 word paragraph with no distinction as described above.
Single spaced only.


Chamberlain and Churchill
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Chamberlain and Churchill
The Munich Agreement was a treaty signed in Munich by a group of countries led by their leaders. The Munich Agreement, which required Czechoslovakia to cede its border areas and fortifications to Nazi Germany, was signed in 1938 by Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and France. Between October 1 and October 10, 1938, German forces occupied these areas. Adolf had vowed to start a European war except if the Sudetenland, a Czechoslovakian border region with a large ethnic German population, was handed over to Germany. In consideration for a promise of calm from Adolf, the leaders of the United Kingdom, France, and Italy consented towards the German acquisition of the Sudetenland.
Part one
Chamberlain and Hitler signed a document stating their intention to settle disagreements via conversation in order to maintain peace. These agreements were made by Chamberlain in order to bring peace to the country. The conflict between Britain and Germany was building because Adolf Hitler, the German dictator, was pressing for Czechoslovakia. Adolf was dead set on invading this country and assimilating it into the enormous German empire. Adolf Hitler felt that a number of Czechoslovak residents were of German ancestry, and that the territory they occupied needed to be handed over to the Germans. With Czechoslovakia, Britain and France formed an alliance, which meant that they would protect each other in times of war or when any nation felt threatened. Because the two countries did not want to aid Czechoslovakia by starting a war, Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister, opted to settle the problem through a peace treaty (McDonough, 1998). The Czechoslovaks were prepared to battle, but Chamberlain knew they had a slim chance of victory, so he chose a peaceful solution. In the end, it was decided that the German forces would finish occupying the Sudetenland around October 10 until when international committee will have to decide the fate of the remaining contested territories.
Part two
Winston Churchill believed that the deal was shaky and that it put the Czechoslovaks' safety in jeopardy. Churchill thought Chamberlain's approach was a cowardly one, and he argued that the prime minister was more likely to choose the war option than the peace one. Adolf Hitler, Churchill felt, would not be pleased until Czechoslovakia was under his control. Chamberlain is Hitler's servant, and he feeds him, Churchill believed so. Churchill condemned

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