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Thisehn Far By Faith: Video Essay Sample (Essay Sample)


Watch the following video documentaries, and then compose and submit a 1-page reflective essay on it (“Thisehn Far By Faith:”


Module 8 Video essay
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Module 8 Video essay
Slavery was introduced in the Americas during European colonialism. It has been applied in Britain's colonies, notably the Thirteen Protectorates that created the United States, from the initial colonial period. An incarcerated person was considered as property by the law, and may be purchased, sold, or donated. It is thought that a considerable number of these slaves were brought from Africa. They were auctioned to European aristocrats, who turned them into working tools. Slaves were supposed to labor on their masters' fields and obey their lords. Slaves were employed on white slave holders' farms. Enslaved people made up approximately a proportion of the south population in the United States. Many lords held less than fifty enslaved persons and lived on vast farms and others on small farms. Through a set of stringent regulations, landowners attempted to make their slaves fully reliant on them. They were frequently denied the opportunity to learn how to read, and their conduct and mobility were controlled.
Slave women were frequently raped by their owners, who awarded loyal conduct with privileges, while disobedient enslaved individuals were cruelly chastised. The enslaved were separated and less inclined to unite against their owners due to a hierarchical structure among them, ranging from affluent house employees and craftsmen to poor field hands
African American Religious culture identity
Slavery merely meant that people abandoned their own ways and adopted the new cultures of a distant nation. One of the most important practices that was impacted was religion. According to the video, African slaves could still find time to follow their faith, which was not forbidden by their masters, and was thus kept hidden. They had a black priest who was also an interpreter, and this priest would feed the black community with the message of hope (Peters, 2012). He grew into a soul comforter. It was a tough situation since rules prohibiting reading and writing were established. Also, no one was allowed to congregate in the name of faith. The restrictions shown in the film were exceedingly harsh, with no black gatherings allowed without a white man in attendance since the slave masters suspected that these individuals were plotting revolt at those gatherings.
In those days, slaves utilized music as a way of communication. This song used coded terminology that was only understood by African Americans. Because the white slaves did not grasp the meaning conveyed in the songs performed by the black slaves, such music was an effective form of devotion. Other listeners of the big coded hymns from the north, where slavery was not as prevalent as it was in the south, came to help their brethren by distributing papers and pamphlets to southern preachers as time passed. Some of the

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