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Successes and failures of reconstruction after second civil war in US. (Essay Sample)


Discussing successes and failures of reconstruction after second civil war in united states


Civil War Reconstruction
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Civil War Reconstruction
Reconstruction was a period between 1865 and 1877 following the civil war in the American history. It is termed as the effort by the southern states to reintegrate from the confederacy and 4 million slaves who were newly freed (Foner, 2016). Southern state legislature made restrictive black codes to control the behavior and labor of the freed slaves resulting to outrage in the north leading to victory of a more radical republican party.
President Lincoln’s original goal of unionism was a success during the reconstruction period. Confederacy was destroyed and all the states that had seceded were admitted back to the union. Earlier United States was thought as a collection of independent states but after the civil war reconstruction, it was now a country with a common federal law (Foner, 2016). 

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