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The Art In Europe: The Heritage Of Social Customs And Ethical Values (Essay Sample)


Classicism theory

Arts of Movement Name Institutional Affiliation Date of Submission Arts of Movements The arts of movements which are sometimes associated with Western Civilization, Western world, Western Community and Judeo-Greco civilization. However, they are termed in broadly as the heritage of social customs, ethical values, and the traditional customs. The term is often applied beyond other countries and values whose histories are powerfully associated with Europe by colonization or the influence (Travers, 2001). Classicism Classicism is a genre of philosophy which expresses itself in literature, architecture, and music which has Ancient Greek sources and an emphasis on the community. It can also be described as a persistent tendency in the period of Late Antique, having a main revival in Ottonian art. It’s regarded to high classical period, classical antique primarily in the Western tradition, as a setting moral for taste which the classicists pursue to imitate. Features of Classicism Classical art is famous for its harmony, balance and its sense of quantity. In painting, it employs ideal figures, shapes and treats its matter in emotionally balanced manner. Classical architecture diligently regulated by the mathematical proportions, for example, the Greek designers, use the mathematic calculations for fixing the height and other features of architectural fundamentals. However, the greatest proponents of classicism are; Architecture, painting and the sculpture (Kaplan, 2004). Neoclassicism Neoclassicism is a name given to a western movement in gorgeous and visual arts, architecture, music, and theatre that draws inspiration from Ancient Rome. In English, the term is used primarily in the visual arts; related movement in the English literature which began significantly earlier. It began after 1750 as a revival of Greek art; a straight reaction to the excessiveness of Rococo styles. During the Revolutions in America and French, the political issues began to decline towards an Age of illumination. During the Neoclassicism period, the idea usually included a worship for nature, the classical moral standards and tradition along mistrust for innovation. The Neoclassicism symbolized a reaction alongside the enthusiastic and passionate Renaissance by observing man essentially decent and influenced by an inestimable latent for moral and rational development. The Neoclassical philosophers saw human being as flawed individuals naturally sinful, whose latent was inadequate. In this case, they changed Renaissance focuses on the imagination, development, and research on religion with the reason for common sense, political and rational conservatism. They argued that human being was the suitable subject for art, and saw art as necessarily practical because it was valuable and was regarded as something that was knowledgeable than emotional. The Neoclassic period was divided into three coherent parts; the Augustan Age (1700-1770). The pope was the dominant poetic symbol, the Restoration Age (1660-1700) were Milton and Dryden were the essential influences, Age of Johnson (1750-1798) which was categorized by the mind and performance of the unique Dr. Samuel, whose understandings were with the declining Augustan history. Features of Neo-Classical It was highly critical, an educative category of poetry opposed to the idealistic poetry of the Renaissance Period. It represents the development of themes and the aesthetic values of the earliest classical art. The Champions and creatures from the Greek tradition, for example, were recurrent themes in painting figures. The Neoclassical works were organized, unemotional and strictly heroic. The painter in Neoclassical portrayed matters from the Classical literature used in the earlier Greek and Roman arts. Neoclassical architecture was highly ordered and less impressive than Rococo, though the dividing among the two can occasionally be blurred. Romanticism Romanticism was an art, literature, musical and rational movement that originated in the European at the end of 18th century. The movement emphasized strongly as a reliable source of experience categorizing emotions such as horror especially ones that were experienced in provoking new aesthetic categories and beauty of nature. Its attitude orientation was characterized by many works of criticism, painting, music and the architecture in the Western civilization over a period from 18th to the mid 19th century. It can be seen as a rejection of the principle of order, balance and the wisdom that characterized Classicism in general (Travers, 2001). The Romantic period is regarded as a philosophical movement which affected the way in which people from western nations view the World. Romantic Period agrees with the age of revolution which consists of French Revolution, that affected the literal and social view such that some of its major principles are still existing and has its groups. Features of Romanticism Romanticism usually characterized by its prominence on emotion as well as the glorification of all the previous and nature by preferring the primitive than the classical. It was considered in the deep gratitude of the beauties of nature and a general adoration of emotion over the intellect. It emphasizes in self-examination of individual personality its attitudes and mental potentialities being preoccupied with the genius and the outstanding figures in general. The basic aims of the Romanticisms were to return to nature and to trust in the goodness of the humankind. It also focuses on the development of nationalism superiority. Realism Realism is considered as the beginning of modern philosophy on art. This is because of its opinion that daily life and the modern world were an appropriate subject for art. Philosophically, Realism involved the liberal aim of modernism, seeking the current facts through the investigation and overturning the systems of traditions such as morals, culture, beliefs, and values. What it usually concerned with the way life was organized culturally, politically and economically In the 19th century. Realism was the first anti-institutional art movement, where the Realist painters acquired aims on the social customs and values of the society upon who supported the art market. All realism prove to be historically inadequate because they are approachable primarily to define the features of reality and to be sensitive to psychological and philosophical aspects of a particular period. However, the history of realism is always revealed as an integral onesidedness. Realism as a movement started in France, and then spread across the Europe and was significant for the rest of the century, but eventually becomes less when it approaches the mainstream of painting. During the arrival of impressionism and the other movements demoted the importance of the realism, and finally preferred using more traditional painting style which has been used by numerous movements ( Kaplan, 2004). Features of Realism In painting and theatre, the artists use a source of lighting to reconstruct scenes natural light. This is done by using the real source of light to provide the illumination (Sayer, 2000). The playwrights like Henrik reinforces the concept of realistic accuracy in the form of play, especially the kind of play in which each moment in the stage usually matches a moment of specific time. Realism also emphasize on capturing the experience in biblical, royal and epic subjects. These features are commonly realized in realist paintings, together with the American artist Thomas Eakin’s painting, which described a victim undergoing surgery. Those Commonplace issues have been absurd for the painters of early 17th centuries who expected to portray scenes from the history. Naturalism and Expressionism Naturalism is a historical movement that highlights on observation and the systematic method in the fictional description of reality. Naturalism was established in the late 19...
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