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Categories Of Fossil Fuels (Coal, Oil, Natural Gas) and Renewable Energy (Essay Sample)


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Fossil Fuel
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Fossil Fuels
Question 1
Fossil fuels are materials that formed through the decay of plants and animal life after many years. The following are three categories of fossil fuels:
Coal is a fossil fuel that appears as a black rock, which is extracted through mining operations. It composed of different types of elements such oxygen, sulfur, and carbon.
Oil undergoes various stages and procedures of refinement to give different products such as kerosene and petrol. Petroleum is the most commonly used product which is extracted from the marine fossils where they are found trapped in the rock (Shafiee & Topal, 2009)
Natural gas
Natural gases are mostly extracted from the plankton decay and the algae that are reused. Natural gases are used for domestic heating and cooking.
Question 2
Although oil has been important to human, social and economic development, there are many environmental problems related to this kind of fossil fuel. Drilling of the oil during extraction destroys natural surroundings, and during refining process energy exhaustive which uses poisonous substances. The burning of oil produces carbon dioxide and other harmful substances which pollute the atmosphere, and the transportation of oil can cause oil spills (Shafiee & Topal, 2009).
Coal mining is very harmful to human health more so when it’s not regulated; it can be a dangerous and fatal job. The burning of coal natural gas produces carbon dioxide which causes greenhouse effect and acid rain. Extraction of gas also causes serious damage to the environment.
Question 3
Three types of renewable energy include; solar energy from the sun, wind energy, geothermal energy a...
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