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The History And Present Danger Posed By North Korea (Essay Sample)


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The history and present danger posed by North Korea
Based on my point of view, the threat which was posted by the North Korea on the massive increase of their destructive weapons in particular development and test of nuclear-armed missiles has enhanced the capacity of its arm weapons as a source of the problem based on its regime and nature. I can suggest that simply nuclear weapon being in the hands of the Russian which is democratizing, does not take this as an advantage to pose this as the threat simply because they are not able to pose but to make sure that the Soviet Union is stabilized (Cha & Kang, 2003). In my other point of view, the democratic weapons of North Korea would have not posed any big danger to the many countries of the world that if they would have been in the hands of democratic South Korea (Becker, 2005).  It is true that in the leaders or leaders with dependent power falling on the personnel who see the war as resort and weapons as the solution for massive destructions in the name of revenge and this will be the weapons for the last resort based on how the global debate is focusing and my point of view. In the hands of the leaders whose in every other moment like surviving by just making sure that there is a state tensions and massive desolations, they should have to understand that these weapons that they try to use may cause r rather causes terrorism increase in high level (Cha et al, 2003). 
The role of the US foreign policy, United Nations, China, and NATO be in response to this looming threat
In my opinions, the mentioned countries should take this to create democratic advantage simply because by reacting negative and against the threat may cause things to the worse. What other countries should do as their role and responsibility is developing the outcomes of the democracies. In my point of view, these countries will play a very big role in making sure that this threat does not go to terrible level by making sure that the three characteristics which are shared power, adaptability and openness is boiled down (Cha & Kang, 2013).  I can suggest that the three characteristics represent how the government will operate and how responsive it is. In response to the threat posted, the other countries in particular the above mentioned ones will have no room for satisfying their own special interests to the threat. The countries should have the analysis of what Kim Jong-un is hoping to achieve and determine whether there is a better way to solve the issue. It should be understood that Kim Jong-un is having a very high level of the demand of the international community simply because he specifically remains in the fact that whatever his father was not able to achieve he will make it achievable (Becker, 2005).
Impacts to events, social issues, and facts based on the threat posed by the North Korea
According to Cha & Kang (2013), I can suggest that this has led to the Choe Son Hui to have mentioned that North Korea will be willing to have a conversation with Trump and his administration but the challenge is that the conditions through which they would meet is very unknown. There is an open dialogue open by the Trump for the dialogue between North Korea and the USA. It is very amazing and interesting that early this month that trump said that he will very happy and honored to meet the DPRK leader who is the Kim Jong-Un (Pollack, 2003). In my point of view, the meeting was very strong based on the fact that posturing by the administration suggests that the USA will be able to tempt the new approach in the problem of solving the issue with North Korea to pose the threat nuclear program weapons.
In my point of view...
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