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The Evolution of Greek Pottery. History Assignment. (Essay Sample)


Discuss The Evolution of Greek Pottery


The Evolution of Greek Pottery
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The Evolution of Greek Pottery
One of the roles of art is to educate, preserve and protect culture. Greece is one of the regions in the world that has a rich history in cultural values. The rich history of Greece has been preserved in several places like the museums to ensure that successive generations understand their history and cultural backgrounds. The Evidence for geometric culture has been represented in several aspects like artistic representation, epic poetry, and archaeological period. The genesis of ancient Greece dates back in the geometric period of around C.A. 900 to 700 B.C. The availability of fine metal work accounts to prosperity and trade. In the ancient geometric period many of these items are found in graves. The Orientalizing period began from Eighth Century BCE (Jeffrey, 1987). This essay presents an analysis of Greek artwork to ascertain the relationship between Greek artwork and culture. The analysis expounds on an in-depth study of Greek pottery based on a visit to Lowe art museum on the University of Miami campus. This has been achieved through exploring into how the work of pottery has evolved in four centuries by keenly studying the graphics and comparing on similarities and differences in the successive periods.

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