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Why more and more people are becoming atheist toady History Essay (Essay Sample)


more are believing in science than god


Why more and more people are becoming atheists these days
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In the modern world we are living, different kind of information surrounds us. However, most of it based on scientific research and religious beliefs from different denominations. In this paper, there are several reasons as to why most people have diverted their faiths and opinions from various perspectives, as we would see in the discussions. Most people, because of the technological influence and what they can achieve with science knowledge they have been blinded and diverted from religious ways, without hesitation. Their remedies are all entrusted with science, not to mention a few who still believe in traditional techniques.
Why more and more people are becoming atheists these days
In this 21st century, most individuals tend to have different ways of worshiping. But their some a significant number who are simply atheist, this is people or person who doesn’t believe in the existence of God. This sought of belief have significantly been contributed by several factors in this modern world which includes scientific research, variety of denominations, cultural believes and traditional practices among other reasons

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