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Gerrymandering and Economic Policy - Tax Credits for Hiring (Essay Sample)


The assignment consists of two reflections, each addressing a specific topic:
Reflection 1: Gerrymandering
In this reflection, I discuss the issue of gerrymandering and its impact on the democratic process.
Reflection 2: Economic Policy - Tax Credits for Hiring
In this reflection, I take on the role of a presidential advisor and analyze two options for stimulating economic growth and job creation.


US Political and Behavior Policy
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Reflection 1
Gerrymandering should be checked, it allows politicians to select their constituents rather than the electorate selecting their representatives. This frequently happens, particularly when the process is controlled by one party and line drawing is left to legislators, as has been more typical. When that occurs, party interests almost always take precedence over all other considerations (Powell, Clark & Dube, 2020). This leads in maps that nearly ensure electoral outcomes even when the party creating the maps has a terrible year. I don’t think the majority in the Texas Legislature should be allowed to draw district lines to advantage the Republican Party. The public ultimately suffers as a result of gerrymandering, regardless of which party is to blame. Elections become less competitive as a result of rigged maps, which in turn makes more Americans believe that their votes are meaningless.
Political gerrymandering should actually be abolished because When done correctly, redistricting offers the opportunity to

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