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Identifying and Understanding Global Issues (Essay Sample)


At the beginning of the course you were asked to formulate your own idea of what is the most important global issue, and justify your idea.
Please, revisit that original assignment, and see what was your original thought. Then, re-visit the issues that we tackled the in the first part of the course:
1) The world of states and nation-states and the issue of nationalism.
2) The United Nations in world politics.
3) Global climate change.
4) Global health issues.
5) Feminism and women's rights.
6) Economic issues of the world, poverty, and development
7) Power in the world, and the issue of large scale conflict.
Compare this list and our discussions to your original idea. Did you change your thinking about your preferred issue or issues as the result of the course so far? Why and in what way? What in particular struck you as insightful or new about global issues? What personal reflection do you have about what you learned so far?
At least 5 pages, 1700 words, written in good, grammatical English. Please, cite and quote from our course readings and provide a bibliography. Bibliography can be in any consistent bibliographic style. If you are not sure how to cite, quote or create a bibliography, please, consult the following sources:


Mid-Term Reflection Essay
Over the past years, there are numerous global issues that the world has been facing and that need effective solutions to be eradicated. Predominantly, most of these global problems affect the modern world since many of the rapid changes experienced today have made many nations more interdependent than they were before and this shrinks the world into a global village. Considering their history, many countries have at least had an outbreak of disease, war, and immigration disputes among other issues. Moreover, as the world grows smaller, various issues or events in any particular area have a significant impact on other parts of the world. For instance, national borders do not limit the effects of climate change, environmental destruction, and pollution. One major global issue that the world is facing and that needs to be solving is the environment. In this case, various environmental issues take a great predominance as compared to all other global issues that the world is facing.
In this class, we have learned of various important global issues that the world is facing today. Similarly, the United Nations (UN) has identified various critical issues that the world is facing today. For instance, the UN has identified the common and the biggest world challenges such as food security, health issues, primary education, and global child health, gender equality, empowerment work in Africa, and global environmental issues that need to be addressed and possible solutions and policies to be implemented. In this course, we have also tackled various global issues that are experienced around the world. We have learned about the issue of nationalism, climate change, the UN and world of politics, global health issues, women's rights and feminism, poverty, and power in the world, and issues of a large-scale conflict.
At the beginning of the course, the major global issues that I identified is climate change and the destruction of nature. I still believe that this is the world’s most important global issue that the world is facing and will continue to face if necessary, measures are not put in place. As we continued with our course, I was able to learn many new things as well as other important global issues experienced around the world. We also tackled the issue of global climate change and I believe this is an issue that needs urgent solutions. Importantly, the other issues we tackled in this course are very important and they also need to be addressed. Considering all the identified issues, it is true that the world is facing great danger ahead if the necessary solutions are not employed.
From the chapter 3 readings in this course, we have tackled the issue of global climate change and I believe that this is a critical issue that the world is facing today. The issue of climate change struck me the most and I believe that it will have negative impacts on the environment for current and future generations if left uncontrolled. With the increase in population in different parts of the world, climate change continues to be a major global environmental issue that humanity will face in the future. Climate change is associated with many issues that affect the environment and its inhabitants. For instance, the world is experiencing increased global warming as a result of the increased emissions of carbon dioxide. Similarly, many countries are facing increased water shortages and hydric stress, which is affecting the survival of plants and animals. Besides, there are pollution and weather patterns that have harmful effects on the environment (Creutzig, et al 260). Based on the reading, climate change is a major environmental issue affecting the world today since the climate crisis is increasing at an extraordinary rate and I believe that the world is not ready for it. For this reason, there is a need for drastic measures to be taken to ensures these effects are reduced.
One of the most insightful things that the UN and other nations can do is to ensure the obligatory solutions are employed to reduce the environmental impacts. In my initial post about climate change as the most significant global problem that the world is facing, I mentioned various solutions that need to be adopted. In this point, such solutions will ensure the issues of climate change and destruction of the environment, as well as other environmental issues, are controlled. For instance, there is a need to minimize the use of chemicals that increase global warming causing climate change. Similarly, domestic water needs to be treated and dumping needs to be eliminated to reduce the impacts of pollution on the environment and its inhabitants. Protections of oceans and marine life is another significant measure that needs to be implemented to protect the environment (Creutzig, et al 260). Further, countries need to protect their biodiversity and preservative of water ecosystems as this will help in slowing the impacts of climate change in the future.

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