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Irish Immigration NINA section 7. No Irish Need Apply. (Essay Sample)


using the writing plan provided
Create section VIII Message
Describe how and why you can tailor your message to your audience, providing specific examples. For example, will your audience understand historical
terminology and principles associated with your event, or will you need to explain these? How will you communicate effectively with your audience?


No Irish Need Apply
His 200
Writing Plan Check 3
May 24, 2020
* Historical Event
For my historical event analysis, I have chosen to focus on the discrimination toward the Irish immigrants that arrived in the United States because of "The Great Famine." The Irish potato famine, also known as the Great Famine, began in 1845, when a fungus-like organism spread rapidly throughout Ireland, destroying almost all of the potato crop. With the devastation of their agricultural dependent economy, many Irish migrated to the United States of America in search of food and better economic opportunity. This is historically significant because Ireland was one of the primary sources of immigration to the US. However, they were faced with the harsh reality of discrimination. Irish Immigrants in the US in the 19th century faced brutal discrimination that translated to denial of employment opportunities, often as a result of the American's fear of losing their jobs. Many signs were plastered on windows that read ``No Irish Need Apply".

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