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Multicultural and Diversity (Essay Sample)


THIS PAPER WAS mainly concerned with the integrated concept on multiculturalism and diversity, THE MAJOR IN multiculturalism and diversity, how to teach and assess each group, global health impact on the group, verbal and non-verbal and various barriers encountered and how to overcome them.
it also looks into multicultural relations program enhancement that are essential in tha rise of expressive speaking and empathic listening in multicultural situations.


Students Name
An education student in multicultural relations program enhancement indicated an essential rise in expressive speaking and empathic listening in multicultural situations. No crucial variance was identified among the participants, and a method of prejudice was found among the waitlist control group. The centre offers family planning consultation, pre-marital counselling, family counselling, vaccinations, health screenings and talks for diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and blood pressure. The directors have asked you to deliver a one-day in-service training on sensitivity to multiculturalism and diversity.
In this, we are mainly concerned with the integrated concept on multiculturalism and diversity, main issues concerning multiculturalism and diversity, how to teach and assess each group, global health impact on the group, verbal and non-verbal and various barriers encountered and how to overcome them.
Integrated concepts
With support from the association in the national middle school, the middle school movement has improved in their educational experiences of the young and little adolescent. Various challenges have been encountered such as, making a good curriculum for 10 to 15 years old adolescent program explanatory and promoting teachers review and providing essential experiences on education to be successful. For middle-level educators, the nation still encounters a challenge in regards to the rising cultural diversity. An excellent multicultural education program must be instituted to provide good results rich in dividends for young youths. Middle-level educators have recognized comprehensive multicultural education programs. The culturally diverse population continues to grow, most especially in the united states. Native Americans still stay in their original homeland because that is their known heritage. Asian population continues to rise despite their vast population. Hispanic Americans are considered the highest population. It is among the list of those countries with the highest population. By the second decade of the 21st century, it may be considered the highest with an excellent cultural background. African, Australian and European settlers contribute to our world diversity.
A practical and comprehensive program is essential and therefore needed with immediate effect. With the rising population, our nation is usually categorized the first. The United States is generally known for racism, increased crime rates, determination and prejudice. Adolescents must therefore see the impact of not accepting other people despite their differences. Most learners must know and understand diverse cultural populations and the difficulties these diverse populations go through in our various societies. And lastly, the adolescents need to identify the cultural background and diversity as they appreciate and recognize them.
Multicultural and Diversity Issues:
In-Service and pre-service Teachers' Attitudes and Knowledge
Injustice, exclusion and hatred in society have brought a lot of pain. Therefore, most researchers and scholars continue to research the multidisciplinary, complex, and multicultural education field. A conversation is needed regarding class, culture, social justice and equality, race and ethnicity, gender, prejudice, discrimination, language, religion, diversity and other issues that affect classrooms in the twentieth century and the lives of teachers and students in these classrooms. Same teachers and students expand cultural perspectives and daily events such as raising awareness in regards to prejudices. Teachers educators do go through various challenges to meet equality among students education. Teachers should know, celebrate and understand differences to meet diverse student population needs. Research action elements are incorporated, and the main objective is to identify the cultural changes, attitudes and perceptions regarding the cross-culture. It is also about various cultures, be it graduate education curriculum or presentation of pre-service professionals.
Communication, both verbal and non-verbal
Many people do relate appropriately and effectively via spoken language, symbols and non-verbal actions. This essay aims to know how culture in intercultural relationships and seeking into non-verbal and verbal codes. Communication is a significant process comprising various steps and elements such as channels, encoding, messages, receiver, noises, Feedback and response from a receiver. It can be unintentional or intentional and can be affected by topics, circumstances, time, and cultural background. Verbal communication consists of language, words and sounds which relate directly to culture. Nonverbal communication is identified as those attributes and actions that have distributed socially the meaning that is sent or received consciously, those that are intentionally sent or interpreted, and those that contain a good response from the receiver. According to culture, these two types of communication can be understood differently over time.
There is a good relationship between nonverbal and language codes. This promotes essential communication because behaviours and symbols are learnt and shared over time, and this is due to significant socialization. This meaning is illustrated via non-verbal communication channels. Non-unwritten codes always convey a substantial role in communication. Facial expressions are not taught because they are biological. According to the current study, a facial word spoken globally does not depend on an individual's cultural background. These facial expressions comprise happiness, anger, fear, disgust, surprise and sadness. Nonverbal communication has various roles: expressing relations, personal identity, repeating or emphasizing statements, replacing, minimizing interactions, displaying meaningless messages, and using rituals. It is also used to show emotions. This communication is typically used to pass a message, and it is sometimes specific to a culture.
The process on how you would culturally assess each group.
Evaluation requires various assessment techniques. Multicultural assessment usually means conducting assessment through multiple cultural contexts, such as how people of different cultures relate. Most people say that evaluations are interpreted or executed depending on the cultural context, but currently, the research has shown that such cultural assessments are accepted nowadays. The field of therapy and counselling traditionally has relied on applying these assessment techniques to get data from customers to illustrate a good direction of treatment. Methods to assess abilities, personality, psychological constructs and interests have been used in further education and counselling. Though most of these methods are typically used widely and have made a validity and reliability in the white race samples, these methods are usually carried out unethically and inappropriately with populations of various cultures. They do identify multiple ways in which this multicultural assessment can be enhanced. It illustrates four known assessment misuse in a multicultural context. It also identifies topics of research in various areas regarding multicultural assessment. The available misuse of multicultural context assessment may include assuming that problems can be solved, labelling something that is even though the nontraditional population is not the same anymore in over forty years now, the people being discussed are being discriminated against and has no power in the system. Secondly, using these methods relies on the white population to assess the non-white people. Using the three musketeers problem in one form that can be used to provide equal validity for this is always the main goal for the test inventors. Therefore, if various people contain different racial and cultural capabilities and have other ways to present their abilities, particular measures cannot be invented and work well for everyone. Thirdly, assuming and ignoring the culture that develops the assessment devices. These methods are always designed with an unaccepted perspective. And there are many ideas provided for the context in which these tests are created, and therefore work relating different cultural and racial populations exhausting these methods will be unauthentic. (Banks, 2016,).
How to teach each group
American public school system was established to help all people despite their exceptional circumstances or cultures; they are given quality education which, if accessible, allows them to become contributing and productive citizens in our communities. Current educators have expanded that idea so that they can make universal citizens. Education is a treasured commodity that makes people outdo physical, social, cultural, and economic obstacles to achieve their visions. Making more diverse classrooms gives these children a place to learn to accept these cultural differences and remove the challenges of sexism, prejudice, and racism. For all children to go through this treasured commodity, teachers should consider their students' academic and cultural differences. These teachers need to make a culturally sensitive learning community, provide an exemplary student parent-teacher relation, make lesson timetables that encourage their students to study, and create them by applying various instructional policies to reduce student education.
How does a global health issue impact each group
Scheduled medical care in healthcare, medical practices and other hospitals institutions has gradually been impacted by linguistic and cultural diversity for many years. The known importance of a social, cultural, poli...

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