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Why Olympic Games have More Value and Sense (Essay Sample)


Did the Olympic Games have More Value and Sense in the Past?


Did the Olympic Games have More Value and Sense in the Past?
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Did the Olympic Games have More Value and Sense in the Past?
The Olympic games are a global spectacle that the ancient Greeks started. According to Spivey (2012), the games occurred in Olympia as a tribute to Zeus. Like today, the participating parties competed in various sporting activities in which the winner would receive various accolades and specialized treatment. The winners would also receive state recognition that would last through their lifetime. Additionally, the Olympic gathering provided a peaceful opportune moment for various leaders to discuss economic and political ideologies. However, despite being the most-watched event since the 1896 inception (Geurin and Naraine,2020), the modern Olympics face multiple challenges that have lessened its value. Thus, in this article, the reasons why the ancient Olympics had more value and sense will be highlighted and discussed.

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