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Origin of Government History Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


Theories on the origin of a government


Theories on the origin of a government
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           There are four well-known and documented theories that explain how a government emanates. The evolutionary, social contract, divine right, and force theory. Two most prolific including evolutionary and force theory which despite having very different perspectives and results still share some relevant characteristics. This article aims to compare and contrast the two.
Evolutionary vs Force theory
           Evolutionary theorists believe that governments emerge from a family-bound structure. This theory has been used to explain how the first political structure was formed. These early governments despite being loosely formed managed in ensuring a successful transition from earlier hunters and gatherers to a better and stable settled agricultural society. It is believed that small families come together to form a clan. Clans later join hands to form a village. This intern brought the need for centralized leadership that would foresee the even distribution of resources as well as ensuring safety. Governments that had their roots in the evolutionary theory developed to monarchy form of governance whereby leadership was passed down the family tree.

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