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The Most Significant Achievement of the European Union (Essay Sample)


The task was about discussing the European union's most significant achievement. The essay discusses the single market creation as the most significant achievement the EU has realized.


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It is important to have close ties with one's neighbors since everyone is bound to benefit. This is the main idea behind regional integration whereby sovereign countries come together to form unions. Regional integration is essential in ensuring the overall and sustainable growth of any region (Cameron, 2010). The most notable example is the European Union, which is primarily a political and economic union that integrates 28 countries in Europe. Established in 1993, the EU has made significant gains this far (Staab, 2011). The introduction of the Euro is the most noticeable expression of the unison embraced by EU member states. Peace, as well as stability, is also another milestone realized by the EU whereby democracy and human rights are firmly promoted by the Union and member states (Cameron, 2010). However, the most remarkable achievement accomplished by the EU to date is the development of a single market. Today movement of people, as well as products around Europe, is essentially easy and it seems as if one is moving around a single country. This essay discusses the single market creation as the most significant achievement the EU has realized.
When a single market is functioning accordingly, product quality is enhanced, trade and competition are stimulated, efficiency is improved, and prices drop (Damro, 2012). The single market setting makes the EU a single territory. Trade barriers have been waived and replaced with various common policies meant to enhance free movement of goods as well as factors of production such as labor and capital. The EU common market has evidently increased economic growth while the life of people living in Europe has been made easier (Staab, 2011). The single market has stimulated numerous benefits to the European populace as well as the business community. For instance, the introduction of the Euro is the most visible achievement realized by the EU, and it is directly associated with the single market policy (Staab, 2011). The single currency has brought about a stable economic atmosphere whereby development and trade have been encouraged.
Owing to the single market, it is far much easier to begin a business venture in other EU member states. This is a great accomplishment given that it was tough to start a business in other EU countries before the adoption of the single market. The EU region is more competitive than ever. Obtaining relevant permits to run a business takes less time, and it is unproblematic (Damro, 2012). Businesses have been able to expand beyond borders and at the end everyone benefits. Consumers now have a broad range of products to choose from, and this has in turn compelled companies to ensure quality. Job creation has also been enhanced.
Conclusively, the positive impacts of the singl...
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