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Applying the Learning Outcomes IT & Computer Science Essay (Essay Sample)


The task was to apply the learning putcomes to decribe the role of data engineer in information management.. The sample discusses supply chain management in management of data in the organizations.


Applying the Learning Outcomes;
Student’s Name;
Applying the Learning Outcomes
As a Data Engineer, integration is an essential business tool to ensure all systems and process in the corporate communications to each smoothly. Forward integration ensures that information from a given system is shared downwards to other systems and processes while backward integration assists in sharing vital data up along the organization structure (Baltzan, Phillips, Lynch & Blakey, 2008). Integration is an accurate model of sharing information and significantly reduces data redundancy in information management. For instance, integration help in entering the same information in multiple systems such as billing, inventory, ordering and shipping databases thereby reducing the risk of entering the wrong data when the process is done manually (Baltzan et al., 2008). This calls for the need of data engineer to ensure all systems collaborate harmoniously.

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