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Artificial Intelligence as a Disruptive Technology (Essay Sample)


Discussion on Artificial Intelligence as a Disruptive Technology


Artificial Intelligence as a Disruptive Technology
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Artificial Intelligence as a Disruptive Technology
Artificial intelligence is a simulation process of programming series of human intelligence to industrially-developed machines to make the think, move, behave, learn, problem-solving, and mimic normal human activities. Disruptive technology thereof means, a significant innovation that alters operation behavior of industries, business, and consumers. It is associated with system and habitual superiority on application of computerized entities and activities. In the 21st century, industries are introducing artificial intelligence as a measure of production from raw material to finished product. This revolution renders people jobless because of computerized mechanization. Therefore, for the future benefit of doubt, artificial intelligence is a consideration for disruptive technology. This is because artificial intelligence perfectly replaces the traits of a skilled human which is not limited to fatigue, laziness, time mismanagement, and incompetency.

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