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The Black Jack Game: Development, Data And Techniques (Essay Sample)


the task was about interpreting and reporting on a student's code that designed a game named "BLACK JACK GAME".


The Black Jack Game
Student’s Name:
The Black Jack Game
The game developed herein is called black jack. It has employed diverse techniques, data and constructs to ensure it gives the best results possible for its efficacy and seamlessness. The game was designed using the C language under the Visual Studio environment. Enterprise architecture used for the game is simple to ensure a supportive and easy to use the framework. The game is meant to challenge the mind while helping one relax or get entertained. Operators have been used for the math functions therein; they are simple to reduce the creation of unnecessary parameters that might hinder the smooth functioning of the game especially to a new user. Variables and strings have been named using simple terms to help organizing the code and making easy to debug.
Different patterns inform the conceptual design of the game which details the techniques used for this game. The techniques were under the different patterns herein and are animation, audio for web games, start-up performance optimization and game control mechanisms.
Data and Techniques
The animation was done to help with movement of icons and messages for easy reading of content as well as playing. Audio for web games was used to develop sounds that included notifications such as warnings from a wrong move or losses. Musical notes were created too using audio for web games. Startup performance optimization was implemented through making well-organized code that allowed for little memory use by the application hence easy starting up of the game as it was also light. Game control mechanisms were developed through the structural programming pattern as will later be seen here. Controls were made to be responsive and seamlessly interlinked to enhance the quality of the game and user experience. The patterns were categorized into four; programming patterns, creational patterns, structural patterns and behavioral patterns. Further, there was the use of data categorized into corner case and edge case). A look into different environmental variables on their extremes happening simultaneously showed that the game was solid enough to withstand pressure from extreme variables but needed a modification of its tenacity. This was moved to the review process to allow for more comments. On the other hand, the edge case uses data sets that are within the set parameters using the best possible extremes. The extremes give a stress testing platform as will be seen in the testing phase later on. This helped in modifying the code and developing it into malleability that a user can enjoy without looking for help. The base concept of the game is “the less the errors, the more the clientele.”
* Programming patterns
Programming patterns used consisted of three parts. These parts were a problem, forces, and solution. The problem part was looking at what the game needs to solve and the technical barriers it needs to pass. As said earlier on, the game was designed to challenge the brain and at the same time entertain a user. The technical barriers that needed to be passed through analysis and test include the common bugs that come with development. The bugs, in this case, included omission of key classes and erroneous instantiation. Most of the bugs were mechanical and after revising the code with manageable break points, a seamless game was realized.
The forces part talks about the technical boundaries that guide and help the solution creation. Light libraries and frameworks that are compatible with the C language were used. The boundaries set were meant to allow for apt garbage collection, resource monitoring, performance speed, memory allocation and size of the game CITATION Mad16 \l 1033 (Madhav, 2016). These measures were meant to make the game as friendly as possible to any user on any device. Priority was given to Android devices, which are widely used and means more reception of the game by the masses. The major consideration here was that people want their gadgets functioning normally. Therefore, the lightness and size of the application were important to the development of the blackjack game. The last part of the programming was the solution. It involved:
* Understanding the problem
-User Interface e.g. theme, navigation, options
-User Experience
-Multi-user abilities
* Simplification and optimization
* Writing of pseudo code
* Code and debugging
* Writing of useful comments
* Giving code for reviews
* Final compilation
* Understanding the problem
Understanding the problem is what the program intends to achieve. It has been said that the game intends to entertain and challenge the brain. The creation of the Black Jack game was influenced by the rising millennial population that spends much of its time on gadgets such as computers, phones, and tablets. I identified a market gap in the gaming industry that black Jack would fill it. Black Jack is a card game that challenges its players to make moves that can earn them the best results possible. Many games in black jack’s category are plain and lack an appeal that can keep a user glued to them. Black Jack presents a well-designed game with different themes to choose from. It is free upon installation and once when someone reaches a certain level, he or she has to purchase the premium option is cheap and affordable. This was aimed at having some earnings back that can keep the development of the game going. Convenience, appeal and affordability are among the major market gaps that black Jack has fixed. Basically, an algorithm is a problem-solving plan. I used the Feynman Algorithm which made me understand the larger picture which needed to be broken down into smaller soluble tasks. As such, I broke down the game tasks to three important steps; market research and needs, development, and testing. The three have been featured in this report.
The front end is the primary appeal to a user. The user interface was well thought of and different themes were provided to provide the user with options to allow for a variety of choice. Further, navigation was made easier by using easy shells and ribbons on the game. This reduced the technical challenges of clicking on an icon without a response. User experience is critical to the game development and I ensured that any Black Jack user gets the easiest yet entertaining experience as will be explained later here. Code was well designed to ensure users have the best possible interaction with the game CITATION Bus15 \l 1033 (Busch, 2015). Multi-user abilities were enabled and now different players can play simultaneously. The use of web version improvement made it possible for users to play online and compete. A great feel and experience for the game was prioritized to ensure blackjack has an edge over other games.
Backend dynamics then follow. Entertainment should be seamless lest it will be boring or annoying. Imagine a game with exceptions at random stages. These exceptions or rather errors will be a turn off to the user and will lead to a negative review, which means a short life for the game. Enhancement of the code was done by the steps that followed; steps (i) to (vii). Use of data helped in determining the functionality and flexibility of the game. Different variables were used to ensure a smooth gaming process would be achieved. The corner case looks at a problem that might happen outside the specified operating parameters. The programming construct that was used for development of blackjack is Construct 2. I preferred using Construct 2 to Construct 3 because the former has been used for a longer time than the latter. It has also recorded more success, allows compatibility with most of the commonly used platforms and environments and is stable.
* Simplification and optimization
Simplification and optimization were stages meant to make the code more versatile, functional and productive. Simplicity was achieved through the easy naming of classes and variable. Integers, strings, floats and Boolean values used were organized in a simple manner that allows for clarity in reading and editing code. Optimization was made possible through the arrangement of code to ensure functions are well organized, strings are executable and variables linked well to the various classes for a successful game. The organization of the code also allowed for minimizing the game size and its memory use on any gadget.
* Writing of pseudo code
Writing of pseudo code was helpful as I would see what I omitted and was able to make changes. I wrote the pseudo code and looked at the syntax of my code and was able to tell where there were gaps and repetitions that would have been merged to make more sense while reducing space used by the game. I was able to visualize the output of the game and this helped me redesign the code to help users with a straightforward input process. Marking of priority points of the games helped me rethink and research more for a better game experience. The pseudo code also helped me save my code as I continued to make changes. It is important to have back up during the coding process. Some changes may render a program nonfunctional which can be a huge setback. I, therefore, used my pseudo code as a repository for my original code in the event I needed to downgrade and strategize once more.
* Code and debugging
Keen interest was shown in the code and debugging level. It might be easy to come up with a program but ensuring all the facets therein work, can be a hurdle. The use of breakpoints came in handy through the debugging process CITATION Lee15 \l 1033 (Lee, 2015). I also used the console to read errors and look at the specific lines that were highlighted. Sometimes a little change would affect the functioning of the whole game. I opted to have a slow reading an...
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