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Biomerics: Which One Is More Worrisome For Security Managers? (Essay Sample)


About Biomerics


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Biometric system is a process or technique which is used for identification and authentication of humans through finger prints, face palms or voice patterns stored in databases of computer. It is a very popular and well managed system that still has defects which are discussed here:
Type I Errors
The type 1 error occurs when person with right credentials and the one having access to the system gets rejected by the biometric software (Brain Waves). It mainly happens because of high level of accuracy set by the programmers. Its rate increases with the rate of the number of transactions over the time. It is commonly known as false rejection rate and FRR typically is stated as the ratio of the number of false recognitions divided by the number of identification attempts made by the user.
Type 2 Errors
It is when a person with wrong credentials gets cleared by the system. It mainly happens because of less rate of accuracy set by programmers in cases when the companies try to deliver a user friendly system and is tied to false rejection as well as the technical limitations of systems. It is calculated as the ratio of the number of false acceptances divided by the number of identification attempts made by the user (Margate Rousse).
Which one is more worrisome for Security Managers?
For the security managers working in the company, it is more dangerous for them that their biometric system is making Type 2 biometric errors. Because it gives access to the person who is not allowed to use the system and he can also manip...
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