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Identify The Applications That Will Use The WANs (Essay Sample)

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24 October 2017
Identify the applications that will use the WANs:
* Email, voice calls, and video transmissions happening in office hours will require WAN. Since the company is medium sized, one has to look over the cost factors. For this purpose, an outside vendor such as ACT can be hired. The equipment for video conference can be taken on rent.
* The data center in New Jersey will be handling all the operations in the company and will require WAN for this purpose.
* WAN will be used to back up the New Jersey database to the Florida data center.
The carrier your company has selected offers private lines, frame relay, ATM, Metro Ethernet, IP VPNs, and L2 MPLS WAN solutions. Answer the following questions about these solutions:
Which WAN solution is best suited for customer service reps working at a customer site?
VPN is a networking technology that allows user to connect with their main network remotely through public internet connection. IP VPN is its upgraded version which also sets focus on security by prioritizing internet traffic and avoid public gateway. So for this reason it is best to use IP VPN for customer service reps.
Which WAN solution does not allow for QoS specifications so that voice and video take precedence over email messaging when competing for bandwidth?
Private lines do not allow QoS specifications so that voice and video take precedence over email messaging when competing for bandwidth.
Which WAN solution can tunnel frame relay, ATM, and Ethernet traffic, allowing the company to have a consistent backbone service with a variety of WAN solutions?
L2 MPLS carrying layer 2 technology across the MPLS backbone enables a company to have consistent backbone service through tunneling frame relay and other traffic.
Which WAN solution offers continuous and consistent bandwidth at all times of day and night?
Private lines are always available as it is one's own link and can be used when needed by the user. It is therefore used for continuous and consistent bandwidth at all times of day and night.
Which WAN solution is similar to and has largely replaced frame relay?
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) has largely replaced frame relay because ATM is suitable for real-time applications and is often found in networks with high bandwidth requirements and stringent QOS specifications (Robert Jacques). Now on, Metro Ethernet with its new technology is replacing ATM all over the world.
If you recommend private lines, how many private lines must be installed?
Three private lines should be used in order to interconnect offices to one another. A series of DID number can also be roll in.
Other than the current VPN solution, which WAN solution is like...
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