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Embedded system IT & Computer Science Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Explaining and citingdifferent examples of the embedded system


Embedded systems
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Embedded system
It is important to understand that a system is an integration where each component is designed to work within a set rules or guideline to perform a single or numerous tasks. Embedded system now refers to linking the elements of a computer software and hardware to work either independently or wholly as part of a large system. They are designed to perform specified tasks through a microcontroller which controls all the operations.
Examples of embedded system and working
Almost all common systems we apply in our daily lives are embedded systems. Just to mention but a few, the list might be endless but we’ll look a few examples of embedded systems that we use daily. ("8 embedded system als Lernender Farbsensor," n.d)
Digital camera has improved features than the ones which were used previously because they have embedded system. It does capture, store and transfer data due to expansive storage capacity. Here, images are captured and stored digitally in internal memory thereafter transferred to a storage device. Another device is a smart camera which has advanced features to analyze, detect even human motions in the image. It does a lot more processing both high and low with the aid of memory, lens, communication interface, image processor and image sensor. In a nutshell, it is an embedded system because it possesses its own processor, sensor, actuators and also memory for storage.

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