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First Experience with a computer IT & Computer Science Essay (Essay Sample)


This is an essay on the first experiences in using a computer.


My First Experience with a Computer and use of the Internet.
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At first before I used a computer, I never had a guess or expectation of the experience. I was certain that I had Techno-phobia. Everyone was excited and was ready to indulge into the use. On the other hand I was interested though a bit scared to start using a computer. I had no clue or hint of operating this sophisticated machines. At first before knowing what a computer was I had not involved myself in any Information Technological concept. To sum it all up; I was totally blank on how to even switch on a System Unit. When I was introduced, all my scare seemed to vanish since I was so overtaken by the functionality and overall structure. It was a Windows 95 computer. At that time I did not know what all that was. I was so energized to learn something new and complicated and probably show it off to my friends. This was something that made me gain a lot of questions concerning the use, architecture and organization of this complex machine.

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