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I.T Security Group at Electromed (Essay Sample)


you are a member of the it security group at electromed, just last month, the compliance agency for it security, nist issued a fine and warning for a data breach. also, the chief financial officer has declined to approve funds to replace the outdated networking system and security systems. write an essay, convincing the chief financial officer on the legal and ethical ramifications of his decision, especially in relation to the data breach fine and warning issued by nist


Technology is always on the move in terms of changes as new developments are continuously coming in to the spotlight and it is important to adapt to these changes. The IT security industry has experienced these prevailing changes and improvements first hand. In fact, depending on what choices are made, these changes can make or mar companies and other businesses. It is left for every person or company trapped in the middle of these changes and development to make a choice; to improve or to remain static and outdated. Last month, the entire management and staff of Electromed had witnessed the unpalatable incidence of a data breach. Though, unpalatable, it is best to take it as a wake-up call for Electromed, to replace and update Outdated networking systems and security systems. Inarguably, it is quite a load of expenses to replace or update these systems, but one thing to have in mind is that, using outdated technology comes with much bigger risks. It puts the systems in a position of vulnerability to cyber security risks, reputational dent, and serious financial consequences that arises from the event of breaches. That is why it is important to strategically invest in replacing outdated networking and security systems. Failure to do the right thing may attract implications of different types and complexities.
Crash and system downtime
These days, in everyday interaction with people, particularly customers, who expect on-demand, uninterrupted and reliable access to data, files and customer service, the occurrence of crashes and system downtime deprives clients from receiving the quality they paid for and will not hesitate to pack their bags and take their business elsewhere, where competitors will be out there waiting to welcome them with open arms and working technology to give them the quality service they expect and desire. What price is to be paid? It is glaring that revenue will be lost; trust and reputation will be tarnished. The reasons we must adapt is because there is a shift largely due to the increase of cloud services and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, which reduces the problem of data loss by storing data in remote systems that cannot be affected by a system crash. It eliminates the stress and frustration.

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