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Network Design Report IT & Computer Science Essay Paper (Essay Sample)




Network Design Report
Network Design Report
A network connection is important for any business as it enables communication in the company. Networking encompasses wired and wireless networks that ensure that a company can communicate within and without. A network is used to send emails, access the internet, and even print and share files remotely in an organization. A network enables sharing of information easily, which can include customer record and files. Other information can also be shared, as well as common applications that users need in an organization. Also, customers can use a network to access information from a company. Design a good network can be a challenging task. There two critical requirements that an organization must meet to have a good network.
Firstly, there is application availability, which requires that applications must be available so that there is communication between the various network components. When the applications are not available, it means that the network will not function properly. Such a network can be a problem for the company because essential functions will not be available.

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