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Robotic Kitchen and the Agent Architecture (Essay Sample)


The essay talks about:
Question 1: Determine what type of agent architecture is most appropriate (table lookup, simple reflex,
goal-based, or utility-based). Give a detailed explanation and justification for your choice.
Question 2: Describe the (internal) evaluation function that AI System might use. Is it a static or a
Dynamic evaluation function?
Question 3: Assume you designed a utility-based agent for the AI System(whether the problem
warrants it). Describe the utility function that it might use.
Question 4: What (external) performance measures would you recommend for the AI System?
Question 5: Describe the properties of the environment of the AI System in terms of the principal
distinctions we can make (accessible vs inaccessible, deterministic vs non-deterministic, episodic vs non-episodic, static vs dynamic vs semi-dynamic, discrete vs continuous)


Robotic Kitchen
Student’s Name
Flippy's invention is the subject of the case study. This innovative robotic kitchen assistant is mobile and can move down a row of kitchen appliances. It can be put beneath a standard kitchen hood. The AI system aims to help restaurant owners swiftly fulfill orders placed on demand, handle the high staff turnover rate in the industry, and provide consistent cuisine that is improved for freshness and quality.
Agent Architecture
An agent is called a software object that can monitor changes in its environment, adjust on its own, and communicate on behalf of users or other actors to continue pursuing specific goals or tasks. The layout of the AI implementation in the system is called agent architecture. Depending on the nature of the problem, consideration should be taken when selecting the agent type. When behaving, a utility-based agent considers the best way to accomplish a goal. An agent sets itself apart from similar ones through utility (or usefulness) (Lewis, 2019).
As with the table lookup agent design, there are better places than this case

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