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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtualization (Essay Sample)


This task is about the The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtualization. The popularity and the acceptance of virtualization technology are growing at a very high rate, and this is because the technology comes with numerous benefits. First, sharing resources allows companies to reduce their IT expenses as a single physical resource can be duplicated and used elsewhere (Rashid & Chaturvedi, 2019). Further, virtualization increases productivity and efficiency in those organizations that have already embraced the technology.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtualization
Virtualization can be described as the abstraction of IT resources to mask the physical nature of these resources from the users. The technology makes it possible for IT experts to create dedicated resources or multiple simulated environments from a single resource, enhancing resource sharing. Because of the high-level convenience that comes with the whole idea of virtualization, different types of virtualization has been emerging gradually. Some of the common types of virtualization include application-server virtualization, network virtualization, storage virtualization, application virtualization, OS virtualization, hardware, and administrative virtualization.

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