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Home Network Architecture (Essay Sample)


the PAper primarily about the process of networking a home, which involves devices such as Modems, Routers, a switch and an amplifier. For instnace, My home network is basically WLAN, which contains a route, a switch, a modem, and an amplifier, which is mostly used to increase the power of the signal, allowing it to reach long distances. The modem is largely responsible for obtaining data from the network, making it an important component of the home network setup. The data-loaded internet modem is linked to a router in one of its numerous ports, where it gains internet connection and begins supplying internet across the house and its surroundings. Furthermore, at home, we utilize a switch to connect our desktop computer to Ethernet connections, which are mostly analog and do not support the Wi-Fi capability.


Home Network Architecture
My home network is primarily WLAN that includes route, switch a modem, and an amplifier primarily used to boost the strength of the single, thus making it reach far distances. The modem is primarily in charge of availing the data from the network, thus making it play a key role in the home network setup. The internet modem with data is connected to a router in one of its many ports where it now gets internet access and starts the supply of internet through the house and its environs. Further, we also use a switch at home to connect our desktop computer to the Ethernet cables, which since most of them are analog and do not support the Wi-Fi feature (Reynolds and Tymann, 2008). Lastly, the amplifiers would now be used in increasing the strength of the signal, thus making it accessible everywhere within our compound. Moreover, during port forwarding, I faced the following challenges during the configuration. Choosing the wrong desktop name as we have five of them in our home, and the DMZ was also interrupting during the configuration.

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