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The Challenge of Cybersecurity (Essay Sample)


This assignment was to write a paper on a current challenge in engineering. I decided to write about cybersecurity and how the engineering field is trying to address this issue. The problem of cybersecurity has become a large part of modern life. With more and more people living their lives online, it is important for those who design, develop, or use technologies to understand the potential threats and vulnerabilities that may exist in a given system. To date, there are two primary security paradigms: access control (ensuring only authorized individuals can access encrypted data) and data protection (securing the data using cryptography). Both require some level of key exchange validation. Although criminal and espionage organizations have been using cryptography for some time, the Internet has made these tools easily available to all. As a result, the demand for cryptography has outpaced what the existing security technologies can handle.


The Challenge of Cybersecurity
Abstract- Cybersecurity is one of the concerns that contemporary organizations have been dealing with for quite a long time. Having heavily secured computer and information system is such a great goal for many companies. This concern has become apparent as the use of IT in organizational functions continues to become mainstream for many organizations. This paper discusses the problem of cybersecurity, and importance of enhancing cybersecurity moving forward. Notably, the concern of cybersecurity is essence to engineering students who will be handling computerized systems in the job market. Also, the challenge impactful to society that relies on IT to have social services served to its members. More importantly, the future of engineering, where automation will define most of the activities, will be depended on the level of cybersecurity that will have been achieved by the country.
The challenge of cybersecurity is a great concern to the engineering fraternity, including society which benefits from engineering solutions supported by information technology. The increasing use of computers and cloud services, as well as the automation of many industrial processes, has increased the problem of cyber-attacks. Hackers and malicious individuals are more interested with accessing the information of organization stored in cloud services. Further, there is much deal that comes with being able to hack a system, and later asking for money to reverse the danger already committed. Today, always every organization that uses information technology to manage it affairs and perform activities is not safe from cyber-attacks. Departments managing sensitive information are amongst the most vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The challenge of cybersecurity should concern virtually everyone involved in an activity that uses computer.
To Engineering
The engineering fraternity must have much interest on the challenge of cybersecurity, as the future of engineering will largely entails the use of computers and information technology. Engineering as a field of study has been evolving, mostly heading to a future where everything will be done using computer simulators. That is from teaching to experimenting concepts and solutions in the field. For instance, instructors look forward to a future where they would be able to teach from the comfort of their homes. Similarly, most of solutions will be solved through automation of processes and activities. This reality implies that cybersecurity would seriously impact the future of engineering if necessary steps are not taken to address the same problem. As such, the challenge of cybersecurity means a lot to the engineering field.

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