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Disadvantages of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (Essay Sample)


Research and share at least three of the common faults or disadvantages of implementing DHCP on a local area network. For each of the faults you list, suggest how it could be overcome, resolved, or avoided
Research to learn the major steps and considerations required to configure a DNS server on a network server, either a Windows 2016 Server or a Linux server - your choice. You should have at least six steps identified in this process for either operating system
DNS is only one part of many that make the Internet what it is. Advancement in its underlying technologies, such as IPv6 and its impact on the protocols and services of the TCP/IP suite, communication, compression, and encryption to name a few, have opened the discussion on where we may see the Internet going in the future, near or far. Will the current DNS structure remain valid for the Future-Net? If not, what changes could you see?



Disadvantages of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
DHCP automation poses a security risk in the event of a rogue DHCP server getting introduced into the network. The network personnel would not have control of a rogue network that could provide IP addresses to those connecting to the network. In addition, users connected to the rogue DHCP can have their information intercepted when using the rogue DHCP. A rogue DHCP can be solved by troubleshooting, using a network sniffer, looking into sFlow data, or Syslog tools. Prevention is achieved by checking for misconfigured and conflicting IP addresses.
Another problem with DHCP is a single point of failure if only one DHCP server is operational. This issue forms a junction where one issue can cascade into system-wide problems causing connected computers to try and fail at obtaining IP addresses. This problem is addressed by using failover clustering, split scopes, or standby servers.
Another problem with DHCP is its packets cannot travel across routers. This issue necessitates a relay agent that enables the server to handle leases on both network segments. A relay agent receives broadcasts packet forwarding them as unicast to the DHCP server. This problem has long been addressed through a relay agent.

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