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The role that NAT plays in a network IT & Computer Science Essay (Essay Sample)


The role that nat plays in a network


Week 5 - CCNA Sec – NAT
The role of NAT in networks is to restrict the number of IP addresses that organizations use since it is involved in the assigning of public addresses within a particular network. It also acts as a link between computers within the private network and the internet. When users within the network want to connect to the internet, internal routers will forward these requests to the firewall using the internally assigned IP (Sivakumar & Naito, 2016). The request will then be forwarded using the public address of the firewall, and the information will also pass through the firewall before being forwarded to the address of the particular user within the network. In this case, NAT enables users within private networks to have a single public IP address whenever they are accessing the internet.

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