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Virtual Reality IT & Computer Science Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Discuss the concept of virtual reality


Virtual Reality
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Virtual Reality is regarded as a new technology that is highly influencing human life across the globe in different ways. The concept depicts the real world an artificial manner for the purposes of imparting skills that will be applied in the actual world of doing things. The concept review is based on the facts of developing a knowledge base, enhancing the capability of the healthcare sector and above all influencing of the business working environment. Imagine the influence that Facebook plus other social networking sites are having to human being. The paper has been developed in a simplified manner to discuss this concept of Virtual Reality. There is a review of the Virtual Reality phenomenon plus an analysis of the concept application in the fields of education, workplace, and medicine. Nevertheless, there is counter argument that application of the Virtual Reality concept in the real world is associated with consequences that influence living styles.
Virtual Reality
Human interaction rather communication is the basis of determining their lifestyle in the context of managing their health, developing their knowledge among other actions. Technology is ever advancing and the current concept that is influencing the human lifestyle of doing things is Virtual Reality. The concept of Virtual Reality (VR) has been applied by many persons in different ways thus offering the concept with a range of meanings. There is the common view of Virtual Reality as the exemplary collection of various technologies which are categorized under the Head Mounted Display, Audio as well as Glove Input Device. Some have extended the description to pure fantasy, conventional books plus the imagination. The concept of Virtual Reality in this context is restricted to the computer-mediated system. Therefore, the Virtual Reality concept can be described as the manner in which humans tend to visualize, associate, manipulate alongside interact with the various computing systems and extremely complex data to create an imaginative world of doing things. Virtual Reality has been widely applied in the gaming sector and it basically defines the process of simulation. The thesis of the paper is Virtual Reality has a lot of practical application in the real world for the reason that the technology has been influential and supportive in the fields of education, medicine as well as the workplace.

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