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Analysis of the Ruling in Citizens United v. FEC Law Essay (Essay Sample)


Analysis of the Ruling in Citizens United v. FEC


Analysis of the Ruling in Citizens United v. FEC
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Analysis of the Ruling in Citizens United v. FEC
The Supreme Court of the United States has been on the limelight for decisions, such as approving same-sex marriages, upholding Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act), and ending mandatory fair increase of share fees in public sector unions. Moreover, the Court was criticized for the ruling it delivered in Citizens United v. FEC in 2010. In particular, it concluded that political spending was a type of free speech protected according to the First Amendment. The Court delivered a controversial decision that allowed unions and corporations to spend unlimited amounts of funds in supporting their political candidates of choice as long as they were not technically involved in the campaigns directly. The resolution attracted divided opinions from the public and legal experts, and I do not agree with it, even though I find the case easy to read and it makes sense.

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