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Business Law Pertaining to Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Contracts (Essay Sample)


The paper PRESENTED a case where I was required to apply the appropriate business law that pertain contracts


Business Law Case Study
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Business Law Case Study
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) contracts are different from common law regarding the rules that govern them. However, contracts require that another person or entity accepts an offer despite the legislation applied or considered. The common law governs transactions such as assets, real estates, and employment, while UCC governs transactions based on goods and merchandise (Reyes, 2021). From the case, the law provided Big Refrigeration Company sold a refrigerator to Scott’s Restaurant, where the written agreement wanted Scott to pay $5000 for the freezer (Arctic Air Installation) together with $1000 for delivery.
A proposer can express contract readiness should they accept the expression and every party receive something significant. The consideration is the price that is promised to another person, but nothing was considered. Thus Article 2 of the UCC governed the contract, which gives a framework that merchants should adhere to in business contracts. The article does not cover non-merchants because they are considered to lack expertise in business compared to merchants. The issues that UCC Article 2 address are mainly merchant-to-merchant sales such as goods, contractual words, contract terms disputes, contractual amendments, money used in exchange and past issues that may have flagged 

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