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Criminal Scene Investigation. Describe the process of investigating a criminal scene (Essay Sample)


The essay task requires the writer to describe the process of investigating a criminal scene.


Criminal Scene Investigation
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Criminal Scene Investigation
From the time law and order was established through the enactment of pieces of legislation across political divides, several occurrences have called for crime scene investigation. The incidents are mostly considered as potential crime scenes. Investigating a crime scene involves soliciting any form of physical evidence by the investigators, which will help them to unravel what took place and who might have been included. Therefore, investigators have to undertake a systematic process of investigation at the crime scene. Most importantly, the operation of the criminal investigation, particularly at the scene of the crime must be careful and thorough. Such is to that potential evidence is collected without compromising. We have to develop an in-depth understanding of crime scene investigation and the processes involved when combing a crime scene.
Individuals are not always exposed to criminal investigation processes apart from the shows we get to watch to on television. Therefore, most individuals are not aware of what a crime scene investigation entails. The most simple definition of investigation of a crime scene is the collection of evidence at the area of the crime – also referred to as the crime scene. Criminal investigation requires the detective to apply deductive and inductive reasoning with the hope of piecing together the events that led to the crime (Horswell, 2016). 

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