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Detective Joseph Crystal's Case Law Essay Research (Essay Sample)


The case of a detective.


Detective Joseph Crystal’s Case
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Detective Joseph Crystal’s Case
The former Baltimore Police Detective, Joseph Crystal, did one of the best things that other police officers should emulate. He went against the “code of silence” that restricts cop from revealing relevant information about what happens inside the police department. From my perspective, if all police officers are like Crystal, the society would be a safe and just place to live since they would work toward bettering the world.
Leadership Concepts in Crystal’s Case
Transactional Leadership
Having been appointed as the chief of the Baltimore Police Department, the first thing one would do is to commend Crystal’s actions. Although many law enforcement agencies emphasize the “code of silence,” it significantly contributes to the oppression of many criminal suspects. As such, the only crucial thing that would facilitate change is transactional leadership. Leaders using this concept interact with their followers well and motivate them through punishments and rewards (Constantinou, 2018). Crystal needed to be awarded but not to be intimidated for doing what was right. Besides, during his interview with WBAL television, Crystal admitted that many police officers fail to report the abuse of suspects since they fear to lose their jobs.
Transformational Leadership
Transformational leaders motivate, inspire, and encourage workers to be creative so that they can foster the growth and expansion of an organization. In particular, Crystal lost his job by reporting what he witnessed. Anthony Williams, one of his colleague, broke a suspect’s ankle through beatings after being permitted by Sergeant Marinos Gialamas (Ericson, 2015). As a transformative leader, the primary thing one should do for the police department in Baltimore is encouraging cops to do the right thing and avoid brutalizing suspects. Consequently, police officers should report their colleagues who intimidate, torture, or 

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