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Effects of Terrorism on the Domestic and Global Communities (Essay Sample)


tHE PAPER EXAMINES THE Effects of Terrorism on the Domestic and Global Communities. nARROWING DOWN, THE paper focusES on three terrorist attacks that occurred against the United States and their political, social, and economic impacts on both the domestic and political communities. The TERRORIST ATTACKS THAT ARE EXAMINED IN THE PAPER INCLUDE THE September 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda Attack, THE Suicide Bombing of Ankara USA Embassy, AND THE Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack.


Effects of Terrorism on the Domestic and Global Communities
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Effects of Terrorism on the Domestic and Global Communities
Terrorism is a complex phenomenon since the severity of effects is variant and depends on several aspects, including the motive or objective of the terror activity, its essence to the perpetrators, as well as the target of the terrorist activity. In most cases, terror activities are politically-motivated and premeditated acts of violence that are perpetrated against noncombat audiences by clandestine agents or subnational groups. Usually, most terror activities are motivated by the attainments of political, ideological, or religious goals. Terrorism has a long history starting from the 7th century when religious terrorism and the violence of thugs who sought to attain religious goals were predominant. However, the emergency of the internet and advanced technology has catalyzed the execution of terror activities. The escalation of terrorist attacks poses a threat to both political, social, and economic affairs of the affected geographical area as well as the entire country. The United States has been a victim of various terrorist attacks that have negatively impacted the political, social, and economic well-being of the country. As a result, various anti-terrorism bodies have been established in the U.S. to help in containing and controlling terrorism attacks, as well as the impacts these attacks have on both domestic and global communities. This paper will focus on three terrorist attacks that occurred against the United States and their political, social, and economic impacts on both the domestic and political communities.
The September 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda Attack
One of the shocking terrorist attacks that have ever happened in the United States occurred on September 11, 2021, where a group of militants from Al-Qaeda, an Islamic extremist group, hijacked a total of four airplanes and executed suicide attacks that led to the death of a large number of people. After hijacking the planes, they directed them to various targets, where two of the hijacked planes struck the World Trade Center towers in New York City, another one crashed into the Pentagon, Washington D.C., while the fourth one crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. The attack was well coordinated by the Al-Qaeda terrorists to ensure that they fulfilled their motives. Moreover, this attack had severe impacts since approximately 3,000 individuals lost their lives while the others were injured (Piazza, 2011). This triggered the establishment of various initiatives for combating terrorism by the United States government.
This attack had negative impacts on the U.S. political, economic, and social well-being. For instance, it affected the political stability and welfare of the United States since it affected the diplomatic relations that the government had created with Middle East countries since investigations showed that they had played a role in supporting the terror group. The government of the United States imposed restrictions on countries that were believed to be the supporters of Al-Qaeda militants (Pain, 2014). Moreover, various political relations between the countries that supported the perpetrators of terrorism were modified or realigned since the government would lose its political reputation if it continued to relate with the countries that were aiding terror groups. Although this terrorist attack had a significant impact on domestic political affairs, it also affected other global communities that were not even supporters of terrorism. After the attack, some innocent Arab countries were affected by the political controls that were imposed by the U.S. government.
Furthermore, this terror attack had a social impact on people from both the U.S. and other global communities. For example, the attack interrupted the social structure of families that lost their beloved members in the four planes that were hijacked. This is because, among the people who lost their lives, there were parents and children from different countries, and thus their deaths triggered the disruption of their family set up in one way or another. Moreover, some people were restricted from visiting the United States, which had a negative influence on their social life.
This attack also had various negative economic impacts that affected both the United States as well as other parts of the globe. First, this attack significantly affected the stock exchange market after the planes crashed into the World Trade Center. Immediately after the attack, the United States bond-trading market ceased all its trading, including the pausing of the operations at the New York Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, banks, and other financial institutions. Halting all trades affected the country's economy as this affected the value of the U.S. dollar. After the drastic fall of the U.S. dollar, the economy fluctuated, and many businesses were operating at a loss, while others were closed down. As a result of the fluctuation, multinational firms that had subsidiaries in other countries were also affected by the higher values of currencies.
Suicide Bombing of Ankara USA Embassy
This is an attack that occurred on February 1, 2013, when a suicide bomber targeted and bombed the U.S. embassy located in Ankara, Turkey. This was a terrorist attack against the U.S., which caused the death of a security guard and injured other people who were in the vicinity. After investigations by both the Turkish and United States governments, the findings indicated that the operation was perpetrated by a terrorist group. Moreover, the perpetrators stated that they were revenging since the government of the U.S. was suppressing the Islam countries (Pain 2014). They also claimed that they were not happy with the U.S. government's involvement in influencing other counties to impose sanctions on Syria after the civil war. This attack had a significant impact on the social, political, and economic relationships of the U.S. and other countries.
Politically, after the attack, the U.S. government strived to utilize Barack Obama's regime of using diplomatic measures in order to work on a compromise agreement that could be beneficial to both the U.S. and Turkey. However, despite applying the diplomatic technique to solve the issue, discriminatory social relations between the citizens of both countries still prevailed. As a result of political differences between the two countries, Turkish citi

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