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law and legal issues. Federal governments within the USA should support civil unions. (Essay Sample)


A paper that analyses and supports that federal governments within the United states should support civil unions


Should the Federal Government Recognize Civil Unions?
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Civil unions are core and paramount to the fight of the recognition of workers’ rights across the globe. The national government, through the Senate, has made amendments regarding the functioning of civil unions, which majorly comprise of workers from both governmental and non-governmental institutions. Private owned companies and organizations have also been recognized in the process of making these amendments. I support the ideology that federal governments should recognize civil unions and this argument will be the major factor under consideration in this academic paper (Solernou, 2016).
To begin with, most workers who are employed by federal governments to offer various services to the citizens of the given state, are members of civil unions. These civil unions protect these workers from exploitation. This not only regards the workers who work for the federal governments but also the workers who are employed by privately-owned companies and organization. In recognizing the need for civil unions, federal governments will ensure that their workers cannot be able to sue them since all what pertains these workers have been taken care of (Solernou, 2016).

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